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Increased office automation, digitalisation, shared platforms and collaborative works encourage resources sharing and development of shared workspace providers. Overall rental income may not fall as expected by the market, as part of the rent is treated as advertising spending The demand for office space, traditionally taken up by white collars, tends to decrease and location becomes less important. Instead, office nodes serving high technology companies may choose business parks and campus style districts as alternatives. Retail shops, on the other hand, are already meeting challenges from the virtual Real Estate Marketing world. Digitalisation further encourages integration between online and offline retail channels, making store fronts more as marketing and experience shopping platforms, rather than just points of sale. Malls or store owners, therefore, have to emphasise more on customer experience. Experience-based business such as food and beverage, entertainment and education becomes a popular trend on tenant mix. Besides, 3D printing also allows customised products to be made at the point of sale. This will encourage malls or stores to reduce inventories and storage space but raise sales per floor area.

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